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Article: Three ISSIMO Men on the Style Lessons They Learned from Their Dads


Three ISSIMO Men on the Style Lessons They Learned from Their Dads


In honour of Father’s Day in Italy, we asked three stylish men to share the style moves they got from their dads.

While most countries celebrate Father’s Day in June (June 18 this year), in Italy, the festivity falls on March 19– Saint Joseph’s Day – and it’s been celebrated since the Middle Ages. The day is an opportunity to pay homage to the brilliant beings that are our dads, but also all the father figures in our lives that deserve a little extra recognition for the work they put in.

To mark the festivity, we thought we’d ask three of the most stylish men we know to look back at some of the style lessons they learned from their fathers.

From their business know-how to their penchant for quality and timeless pieces, each of them has gathered countless tips from their dads on how to look prim, proper and oh-so sharp – traits that they’ve been able to reflect in their own ventures, our favourites when it comes to men’s clothing and products (which is why we carry them on ISSIMO!). 

What is the biggest style lesson you’ve learned from your father?

Elegance. My father has always had an innate sense of elegance, not just in the way he dresses, but in his poise and way of approaching everything. I’ve definitely been influenced by it growing up – and brought that same quality into Fortela. Even today, whenever I go visit him, he’s always perfectly put together. He’s pure style, you know?

How has your upbringing shaped Fortela?

Fortela is essentially a piece of my DNA, and so much of its Americana-vintage aesthetic comes from being raised outdoors, surrounded by my father’s horses. I remember him wearing these cowboy-type clothes when he was with his animals. The brand is nothing but an extension of his story.

Are there any pieces inherited from your father that you care about in a particular way?

There’s a coat of his from 1961 that is now in my closet. It’s a beautiful vicuna number, and not only has it stood the test of time, but it still looks the part. I also have inherited one of his silver-buckled leather belts, which I often wear.

What's a gift you think is perfect for Father's Day?

Time with your children. I am going to spend it in London with my daughter Allegra, who lives there, and I couldn’t ask for anything more special. As for the very best gift I have ever received for Father’s Day – well, that’s Allegra herself. I am really honoured to be able to call her my daughter.