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Sebago x Fortela

Sebago x Fortela

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Fortela, an Italian brand known for its attention to detail and passion for vintage, has undertaken a collaboration with Sebago, a historic American footwear brand. Sebago, founded in 1946 by three friends from New England, is famous throughout the world for its iconic aesthetic linked to open spaces and the world of sailing. The brand name is a tribute to Sebago Lake, Maine, a natural paradise that inspired the brand's philosophy.

CollaborationSebago x Fortela womenborn from the fact that both brands share a deep inspiration from Native American heritage and a dedication to the highest manufacturing. The brands represent a timeless style and their Sebago x Fortela donna collaboration was born spontaneously and naturally, given thecommonality of values ​​and vision:this synergy led to the creation of two classic Sebago footwear models, reinterpreted with Fortela's exclusive touch.

For the women's model, the starting point of the Sebago x Fortela women's collaboration was the famous moccasin "penny loafers", one of the cult pieces of the Sebago world. This model is immediately recognizable thanks to the characteristic detail of the "penny slot" or "penny strap", a slit on the tongue of the moccasin into which a penny loafer was traditionally inserted, hence the name "penny loafer". The penny loafer was the first moccasin produced by Sebago, hand-sewn with same techniques used by Native Americans, and it quickly became a hit in the American wardrobe.

Fortela has revisited this classic by replacing the coin with an embossed metal decoration, the so-called "concho", a medallion worked in Navajo style with a turquoise stone in the center. The concho is removable and can be applied as desired, giving a touch of customization.

Themoccasinborn from the Sebago x Fortela donna collaboration, it is made of a soft and special ad hoc aged leather, which gives it an elegant vintage effect. This model is available in two variants, in dark brown or black leather, maintaining the typical refinement of the Fortela brand.