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ThereMen fashionby Fortela is a celebration of Italian artisan excellence and timeless quality. Founded byAlessandro Squarzi, the brand stands out for its dedication to a vintage and traditional aesthetic that tells stories through each piece that challenges and stands the test of time. Each creation is not just clothing, but avoyage, an experience that enhances tradition and craftsmanship.

Fortela's men's fashion is characterized by a profound attention to the research that precedes each creation, but also the quality and details that characterize each item of clothing: each of them is the result of an Italian manufacturing process, where fine fabrics are handcrafted with traditional and manual techniques that come to life through each new creation. This commitment is reflected in the choice of materials, carefully selected to ensure resistance and comfort. Collaboration withManteco,a company known for its sustainable approach to textile production, further highlights Fortela's commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly practices.

L'inspirationof Fortela's men's fashion draws on a classic and versatile imagination and from different cultures: the American influence is evident, ranging from western to military style, up to elegant suits. This allows us to offer a range of garments that include jackets, shirts, trousers and accessories, each with a distinctive character.

The Fortela man is not tied to passing fashions; instead he favors garments that evoke style icons such as Steve McQueen and John Kennedy. Thedenim, for example, is worked to faithfully replicate the 50s and 60s models of the famous Levi's, with features such as the fit and the famous seam that creates a twist, bringing the side seam slightly to the front.

Fortela is more than a fashion brand, it is a cultural journey that mixes Italian artisan excellence with Japanese textile art: this fusion translates into garments that are true works of art that testify to the research carried out by the founder. Archives and vintage tradition are the basis of Fortela culture which finds concreteness in every men's fashion product.

Another distinctive aspect of Fortela is the attention todetails: every item of men's fashion and not only is enriched with details that are invisible to most people, but which make the difference for those who wear them. This search for uniqueness is evident in the famousorange stitching, a signature that seems to trace a design on the fabric, a symbol of the dedication and care that the brand puts into each of its creations.

Fortela men's fashion is appreciated for its ability to create an intimate and personal experience for the wearer. Each garment is designed to tell a story, to convey a sense of belonging and identity. The attention to detail, vintage inspiration and commitment to sustainability make each garment a unique piece, capable of telling a story and standing the test of time. The brand's mission is clear: to create garments that not only dress, but that speak, tell and live with those who wear them.