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Poglia x Fortela

Poglia x Fortela

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TherePoglia x Fortela collaborationrepresents an extraordinary example of synergy between fashion and artisanal design. Fortela, known for its vintage-inspired clothing, and Max Poglia, renowned for creating handmade knives and accessories, have combined their expertise to create a line of products that embody quality and authenticity.

The story between Alessandro Squarzi, founder of Fortela, and Max Poglia began with a meeting at Pitti Uomo in Florence. This friendship developed over time, based on a shared vision for design and craftsmanship. Squarzi, with his innate sense of fashion and ability to discover unique talents, found an ideal partner in Poglia.

Poglia, with his multicultural background and his experience in the New York scene of the 90s, brings a fusion of global influences to his works. His knives are not only precision instruments, but also expressions of a life lived between different cultures, each of which has left its own mark on design and functionality.

The products born from the Poglia x Fortela collaboration are characterized by meticulous attention todetails. Each piece maintains the rustic and robust style typical of Poglia, enriched by the refinement of the fabrics and materials selected by Fortela. The result is a line of accessories that not only meets practical needs, but also tells a story of craftsmanship and shared passion.

One of the most emblematic products of this collaboration is apocket knife, with a hand-crafted wooden handle and a high-quality steel blade. This knife exemplifies how Poglia's skills in the art of metalworking combine with Fortela's refined aesthetic. Each knife is unique, reflecting both brands' philosophy of creating products that are works of art as much as functional tools.

In addition to knives, the Poglia x Fortela collaboration has given rise to a series ofleather accessories, such as bags and belts, which combine the strength and durability of materials with an elegant and timeless design. These products embody both companies' ideal of creating objects that last over time and improve with age.

The Poglia x Fortela collaboration continues to explore new creative possibilities, promising to always offer unique products that combine elegance, functionality and a strong sense of identity.