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Shop by Look Uomo

Shop by Look Uomo

Fortela is known for his attention to detail and his passion and study for vintage: these distinctive elements find concreteness in the creation of men's combinations of theShop by Look Uomo. Each combination is designed to enhance the retro inspiration, elegance and refinement of each man, combining garments that embody a timeless aesthetic with the highest quality materials and a sophisticated design.

The philosophy behind Fortela's Shop by Look Uomo is to createcomplete outfitsthat reflect the essence of the brand. Each combination is designed to offer style, comfort and versatility, allowing men to express their personality through iconic garments that age together with the wearer; attention to detail, choice of fabrics and craftsmanship are fundamental elements that characterize each piece in the collection.

Fortela places particular emphasis on the choice ofmaterials, favoring fine and sustainable fabrics. Japanese denim canvas, Scottish yarn and organic cotton are just some of those used to create garments that are not only aesthetically flawless, but also extremely comfortable to wear. Each fabric is selected to ensure durability and a perfect appearance over time, reflecting Fortela's commitment to quality and excellence.

The highest level of manufacturing is one of the pillars on which the Shop by Look Uomo collection is based: each garment is made with techniques that require time and dedication, ensuring that every detail is perfect. Thestitching, thefinishesand the fabric treatments are carried out with extreme precision, reflecting Fortela's passion for quality and excellence.

To complete the looks, Fortela offers a selection of accessories that add a touch of class and refinement. For example, the leather belts, the glasses born from the collaboration with Jacques Marie Mage or the moccasins from the one with Alden complete the outfit, enhancing every single component.

Choosing Fortela's Shop by Look Uomo lies in the possibility of purchasing men's clothing and accessories that are in perfect harmony with each other and that express the philosophy and distinctive style of the brand to the maximum.