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Rocky Mountain x Fortela

Rocky Mountain x Fortela

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CollaborationRocky Mountain x Fortelais the fruit of a deep friendship between Alessandro Squarzi and Kinji Teramoto, two influential figures in the world of vintage. Teramoto, a world-renowned collector, played a crucial role in Japan's vintage boom in the 1980s and 1990s and today is the owner of the American brand Rocky Mountain Featherbed.

Rocky Mountain Featherbedwas founded in the late 1960s in Wyoming, the heart of the cowboy world. Their signature product is a down vest with a one-piece, seamless leather yoke, inspired by garments worn by Native Americans. These jackets were designed to tackle the wilderness, combining comfort and durability with a classic, timeless aesthetic.

When Teramoto acquired Rocky Mountain Featherbed, it brought this historic brand back into vogue, attracting the attention of vintage enthusiasts around the world. His vision found a perfect ally in Alessandro Squarzi, who wanted to merge the bold, outdoor style of Rocky Mountain with the timeless elegance of Fortela. From this Rocky Mountain x Fortela synergy, unique vests were born, made innylon taffeta, leather and with shearling collar. These garments are ideal for those who love outdoor life, but don't want to give up a touch of refined style.

THEvestcreated from this collaboration embody functionality and aesthetics. The choice of materials, such as nylon taffeta for strength and lightness, leather for durability and a shearling collar for thermal comfort, highlights the attention to detail and quality that characterizes both Fortela and Rocky Mountain Featherbed. Each garment is a tribute to artisan traditions and the culture of menswear.

This Rocky Mountain x Fortela celebrates not only the past, but also the future potential of the two companies. The fusion of Rocky Mountain's American heritage and Fortela's Italian elegance has resulted in pieces that are both practical and stylish, perfect for those who appreciate the best of both worlds. Furthermore, it reflects Squarzi and Teramoto's shared passion for vintage and their dedication to quality. Their friendship made it possible to overcome cultural and geographical barriers, demonstrating that true style knows no borders.