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Sebago x Fortela

Sebago x Fortela

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CollaborationSebago x Fortelaunites two iconic brands linked by a love of American heritage and manufacturing excellence. Fortela, under the leadership of Alessandro Squarzi, and Sebago, founded in 1946 by three New England friends, share a passion for producing high-quality accessories and timeless aesthetics. Sebago, with its name that pays homage to Sebago Lake in Maine, embodies adventure and outdoor life, central themes also for Fortela.

From this Sebago x Fortela collaboration two distinctive models were born: a “navajo” moccasin inspired by the penny loafer and a boat shoe with a touch of denim. These models represent a fusion of tradition and innovation, respecting the heritage of both brands.

The“navajo” moccasin”, based on the classic Sebago penny loafer, was retold by Fortela with the addition of a “concho" instead of the traditional one-cent coin. This Navajo-style medallion, with a turquoise stone in the center, is removable and customizable. Made of distressed leather for a vintage effect, the moccasin is available in dark brown and black This model combines rich American tradition with a touch of contemporary elegance.

Thereboat shoe, another Sebago classic, has been revisited by Fortela with unique details. Made of suede leather and hand-stitched, this shoe features a "piping" made with denim selvage, a detail that recalls Fortela jeans produced with vintage looms in Japan. Another standout feature is the orange thread stitching on the heel, left unfinished to add an authentic touch. This model, called "Dock", is available in gray suede, combining the tradition of the boat shoe with the innovative design of Fortela.

This Sebago x Fortela collaboration reflects the work of study and transformation into a product of a much broader and more complex inspiration: every detail, from the choice of materials to the care in production, highlights the attention to detail and quality that characterizes both Fortela and Sebago. The merger betweenAmerican heritage and Italian elegancehas allowed us to create footwear that not only reflects high quality and a distinctive design, but which also tells a story of culture and respect for the past.