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Fortela, a brand known for its attention to detail and passion for authenticity, has chosen to collaborate with thePerfume-Pharmaceutical Workshop of Santa Maria Novellato offer an exclusive line ofperfumes and fragrances for women. This collaboration reflects a commonality of ideals and vision between the two brands, combining tradition and innovation in every essence.

Founded in1612 by the Dominican friars in Florence, the Officina Profumo-Pharmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world, renowned for its centuries-old tradition and excellence in the creation of refined essences. This historic perfume house embodies the art of traditional Italian perfumery, combining ancient recipes with modern techniques.

The collaboration with Fortela, a brand founded byAlessandro SquarziAndAlessia Giacobino, celebrates the attention to quality, authenticity and meticulous attention to detail that characterize both brands.

The perfumes and fragrances for women selected by Fortela include Pot Pourri, Tabacco Toscano, Angeli di Firenze, and Patchouli, each with a unique characteristic that enhances the elegance and traditional taste of the wearer.

Pot Pourrioffers a fascinating blend of spices and dried flowers that evokes a welcoming and warm atmosphere: it is perfect for those who love rich and enveloping notes, ideal for creating an aura of comfort and refinement on every occasion.

Tuscan tobaccoAmong women's perfumes and fragrances, it is the one that best combines notes of tobacco, vanilla and lily of the valley flowers, creating a robust and sophisticated aroma. This fragrance captures the essence of timeless luxury, ideal for the woman who desires a strong and fascinating olfactory presence.

Angels of Florenceit is a delicate and enveloping perfume, with notes of white flowers and citrus fruits that express grace and brightness, while thePatchouliit is an intense and earthy perfume, with woody notes that express strength and character.

The choice of these perfumes and fragrances reflects Fortela's philosophy of creating products that not only complete an outfit, but that tell a story and offer a unique sensory experience. The Officina Profumo-Pharmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella, with its long history and dedication to the art of perfumery, represents an ideal partner for Fortela, combining tradition and innovation in every essence.

This collaboration underlines Fortela's commitment to selecting only the best products for its customers, ensuring that each fragrance offers a perfect combination of elegance and quality.

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