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The story of Alessandro

A reference figure in the field of sartorial men's style, recognized as one of the men with the most distinctive style for his choices, he has demonstrated a unique ability to recognize and enhance niche brands, elevating them to international success phenomena. With the founding of Fortela in 2015, he brought his vast knowledge and taste for mannish style to the heart of this brand, ranging from sporty items to refined bespoke suits.

His reputation as a collector of vintage and military pieces, including pilot jackets, leather accessories, shirts, and denim jackets, attests to his voracious passion that drives him to explore the world in search of unique pieces to expand his collection, which boasts not only tailored clothing but also vintage cars, watches, and classic motorcycles. His interest in Italian sartorial excellence harmoniously blends with admiration for Japanese textile tradition, a marriage of tastes that Squarzi has refined over time, choosing to incorporate high-quality Japanese fabrics produced on traditional looms into his designs.

The story of Alessia

Alessia emerges as a versatile creative force in the fashion landscape, combining her skills as a designer, entrepreneur, art director, and style and product consultant, recognized both in Italy and abroad thanks to twenty years of experience in the industry. Her fashion career ranges from creating a comprehensive collection to coordinating the entire style and product department to producing advertising campaigns and social media content, encompassing photography and styling, from the birth to the management of a brand, to its communication, demonstrating an ability to influence the industry comprehensively.

She has brought successful brands to life such as Jo No Fui, acclaimed even beyond national borders, and has made her mark with Mr & Mrs Italy, reinventing the military parka with fur linings, a trend that became iconic. Since 2013, after selling her labels, Alessia has focused on stylistic consulting for some of the most important names in luxury. Joining Fortela in 2020, she designed the entire women's collection, bringing her innate sensitivity to haute bohemian style, dedication to high-quality craftsmanship, and a vision of the brand as a lifestyle concept.


In evoking the essence of the past through a fashion collection, vintage inspiration blends with contemporaneity, creating a unique dialogue between epochs that captivates and surprises. At the heart of the Fortela collection, vintage is not just memory but a vibrant source of inspiration. Each garment tells a story, each fold hides a secret. Our collection pays homage to the timeless power of vintage.


In the Fortela collection, a dialogue is established between the unexplored world of the West and the deep spirituality of the Navajo, giving life to a journey through wild territories with the desire to capture the essence of adventure and respect for ancient traditions. Fortela is a tribute to the power of nature and complexity, combining the freedom of cowboys with the wisdom of indigenous spirits.

Japan Denim Culture

Our denim collection, Fortela, celebrates Japanese denim culture: a bridge between the ancient art of indigo dyeing and the American culture of the 1950s. Each piece encapsulates stories of tradition and indomitable character. Indigo, with its ever-changing depth, symbolizes beauty that evolves over time. Every piece of our denim is woven using traditional methods that promote a harmonious relationship with the environment, transforming the act of dressing into a gesture of profound respect for nature.

Italian Heritage

The Italian style during the era of the Dolce Vita in fashion reflects the elegance, style, and innovation that made this period legendary and still resonate today in the most formal part of the Fortela collection. The rediscovered elegance in clean lines, fabrics that whisper stories of ancient tailors, colors that speak of never-fading sunsets and black and white nights merge in a dance where past and present are no longer confined to distant eras, but vibrate in the same space.

Each garment tells a story, every fold hides a secret.
Our collection is a tribute to the immortal power of vintage.