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SAINTTROPEZ-GD008 NAT Sale price€140,00

THEmen's hatsthey are an accessory capable of completing a look by giving a decisive stylistic connotation. Made with high quality materials and careful treatments, these hats are designed to last over time and to adapt to every occasion and personal style.

Men's hats stand out for their elegant lines and refined details. Each model is designed to offer versatility and adaptability. The colors range from neutral shades, such as beige and grey, to more lively ones, allowing every man to find the perfect hat for his style.

The attention to detail in men's hair is also reflected in thefinishes: the precise stitching, the decorative bands and the internal linings are all elements that contribute to creating a product of excellence. The care taken in the creation of each Fortela hat ensures not only refined aesthetics, but also optimal functionality. Leather or fabric bands, for example, add a touch of elegance and distinction.

An example of this attention to detail is the modelSAINT TROPEZ, a men's cloche hat decorated with a cotton grosgrain ribbon carefully knotted around the base of the crown. The stitched brim and metal rings make it a precious ally for all those looking for a functional and aesthetically valuable accessory. The ergonomic shape is designed to adapt to different sizes and head shapes, while the wide brim offers effective protection from the sun, making the hat functional as well as elegant.

All Fortela men's hats are created to respond to the desires and tastes of a man looking for atraditional productand appreciates the refinement of theMade in Italy. Each of the accessories in this collection is also designed for those who travel and find themselves having to face adverse and particularly hot climates, so much so that they need headgear to protect them.

What makes every Fortela garment and accessory special, including men's hats, is the continuous research carried out by Alessandro Squarzi. By attributing inspiration to his models from vintage archives and beyond, Squarzi manages to create products that authentically respond to his vision, combining tradition and innovation.