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SAILORKNIFE-MP002 WHI Sale price€300,00
VINTAGEKNIFE-MP001 WHI Sale price€60,00
TASSELKEYCHAIN-CP021 BRW Sale price€130,00

The collection ofsmall men's accessoriesFortela includes a variety of practical and elegant objects, perfect for the modern man who seeks functionality and style. Among these accessories, the Mini Utility Folding Knife White and the Vintage Knife White stand out, two folding knives that combine vintage design and high quality materials.

Mini Utility Folding Knife Whiteit is a pocket knife designed to be functional and easily transportable. Born from the collaboration with Poglia, Inspired by the traditional work tools used by artisans and workers, this knife evokes the period of the West, where similar tools were essential for daily life. With a stainless steel blade, it offers strength and durability, ideal for everyday use. The white handle, made of resistant material, gives a touch of elegance and modernity. This tool is perfect for those who need a practical and discreet accessory, easily used in different situations.

Among the small men's accessories there isVintage Knife White, a knife that recalls the aesthetics of times gone by, with a design that evokes a retro charm. This model also features a high quality stainless steel blade, ensuring robustness and longevity; the white handle, with refined finishes, adds a distinctive style element. This knife is ideal for enthusiasts of vintage objects looking for a functional accessory with a unique character.

These two small men's accessories can be added to your look to give it a complete look and underline the vintage aspect of the combinations, recalling the ancient use that was made of these pocket knives.

Both knives reflect the Fortela philosophy, which enhances the vintage inspiration under the guidance of Alessandro Squarzi evident in the choice of materials used, creating accessories that not only serve a practical function, but also add a touch of style and personality to those who use them uses.

The small men's accessories from the Fortela collection are characterized by meticulous attention to detail and superior quality materials: the choice of white for the handles gives a vintage look, while the stainless steel blades ensure durability and resistance. These accessories embody the essence of Fortela style, with a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic design.