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Themen's necklaces and braceletsthey express and declare the vintage inspiration of the brand, underlining how this can translate into essential lines and refined materials. Each piece in the collection is designed to add a distinctive and sophisticated touch to the men's wardrobe, combining functionality and sophistication.

Men's bracelets are handmade from the material used for bandanas, usually 100% cotton and selvedge details. The stitching is in pure cotton, underlining the accuracy of the finishes and the attention with which accessories such as men's necklaces and bracelets are made.

These accessories are made in Italy, representing an excellence of Made in Italy for the study that is made of the products, materials, finishes and details with which they are made.

Forclosethe Fortela bracelets correctly, start by stretching the bracelet so that it is straight and free of knots; Wrap the bracelet around your wrist, making sure it is tight but comfortable. Now, using a needle and thread, sew the ends of the bracelet together. Make sure the stitching is secure to ensure the bracelet stays closed and secure. By following these simple steps, you can wear your Fortela bracelet with style and confidence.

It is clear from these simple steps that men's bracelets and necklaces also reflect Fortela's desire to createproducts that lastand which can potentially accompany the wearer for a long time.

Choose men's bracelets based on color preferences and stylespairingswhich you can create not only with other Fortela accessories, including the numerous other men's bandana bracelets to create a touch of color to wear on the wrist, but also with your watch, giving your look an authentic and refined look. The versatility of Fortela necklaces and bracelets allows them to be used in various ways, both as main accessories and as additional details to enrich clothing.

The design of these accessories is inspired by the clean and functional lines of vintage clothing and, for this reason, it can be combined with a traditional watch with classic lines or a smartwatch to create a pleasant contrast.