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THEmen's denim jeansby Fortela are the spearhead of Italian artisan excellence, made with premium quality Japanese selvedge denim. The processing of the Japanese material takes place using sewing machinesUnion Specialof the 30s and 40s, a choice that reflects Fortela's commitment to preserving authentic sartorial tradition. This dedication to craftsmanship translates into pieces that offer durability and style, loved by confident men looking to stand out with just the right touch of elegance.

Themen's denimconfirms itself as the protagonist fabric in the Fortela collections, a brand that has been able to elevate this humble material to a symbol of timeless sartorial luxury. With a profound culture of vintage and an eye always turned to Japanese textile innovation,Alessandro Squarzireinterprets men's jeans as true pieces of narrative history, imbued with a charm that surpasses the ages.

Fortela men's denim jeans stand out in the men's fashion scene for a series of characteristics that make them one-of-a-kind garments. The variety offitoffer ensures that every man can find the perfect model for his physique and range oflengthsavailable is equally wide, allowing you to adapt to every need of style and body proportion.

Among the distinctive details that characterize some men's denim jeans there may be theFortela button, an element that adds a touch of natural and authentic elegance. This small but significant detail reflects Fortela's attention to sartorial details and the search for elements that enrich the garment not only aesthetically but also in its perceptive quality.

These peculiarities make men's denim jeans traditional garments that faithfully reflect the iconic models of the 60s and 70s which inspire them: they are exemplary of a sartorial art that translates into long-lasting, comfortable garments with an inimitable design.

Fortela men's denim jeans stand out for their iconic lookorange stitching, a distinctive detail that traces a unique design on each garment. ModelJH/JAP-33-INDIGis one of the most exclusive limited editions of the collection: this men's jeans is made of Japanese selvedge denim, with double stitching performed on Singer sewing machines and special machinery that guarantees maximum attention to detail.

The quality of Fortela men's denim jeans is also expressed in the model913 SUPERJOHN 33 GP002 TAU, which uses a fabric inbeige satin cotton, known in the 1950s for its durability and also used for formal settings. Satin cotton, with its slightly shiny finish and soft to the touch, is chosen to produce high-quality clothing and reflects the brand's commitment to sustainable materials that combine durability and resistance.