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BANDANAPIN-LVS01 SIL Sale price€200,00

Thewomen's broochesFortela are versatile accessories that add a note of elegance and refinement to any outfit, adapting to different occasions with style.

Fortela women's brooches reflect this philosophy, embodying timeless elegance and meticulous attention to detail.

Brooches, also known as pins or badges, have a long history dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, where they were used not only as ornaments, but also as symbols of social status and membership in certain factions or groups. In Fortela's vision, the inspiration for these accessories comes fromNavajo and Western style, where the pins are used to embellish bandanas and clothes. Over the centuries, brooches have maintained their decorative and symbolic function, evolving into a variety of styles and materials.

Fortela pins are made with high quality materials, chosen for their resistance and ability to maintain an impeccable appearance over time, such as925 stainless silver. Each piece is designed to last, reflecting the attention to detail and excellence that characterizes the brand.

An example of a Fortela brooch is theBANDANAPIN, a bandana holder with a refined design, characterized by accurate details and a shiny finish that enhances its beauty. Inspired by Navajo and Western style, this brooch is a masterpiece of high-quality craftsmanship: the complex geometric shape and elaborate decorations evoke a classic and timeless style. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to jackets, coats or shirts, the BANDANAPIN represents the quality and attention to detail typical of Fortela products.

Fortela women's brooches can be used in various ways: such asbandana holder, to decorate jackets and coats, or as a closure forsweaters,shirts and long dresses. This versatility allows you to enrich any look with a touch of sophistication, underlining the elegant and sophisticated aesthetic choices of the wearer.

The vintage inspiration is evident in the Fortela women's brooches, with designs that recall past eras and iconic styles, which still make them easily combinable with any outfit, offering a combination of style and functionality that makes them suitable for any occasion.

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