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Article: Men over 40 should avoid these mistakes when wearing jeans


Men over 40 should avoid these mistakes when wearing jeans

Jeans can be worn throughout life, but not always in the same way. You dress differently when you're a kid or a teenager than when you're 40. Each stage of life has different style rules, and you need to make some simple adjustments to look good.

Believe it or not, dressing appropriately for your age is one of the keys to looking young, well-dressed, and even sophisticated. It's even more important than spending money on expensive clothes or having a closet full of options.

Jeans are one of those items of clothing that cannot be tied to a specific age. You can wear them for a lifetime and in all sorts of situations. But the fact that they're timeless, versatile, and easy to wear doesn't mean you can always wear them the same way. (Also read: Denim jacket: On these occasions it is an absolute no-go )

The problem is that they can make you look unkempt. It doesn't matter if you're 17, but if you're over 40 it's something to consider. Whether you like it or not, your clothes reflect who you are and what you wear can work for you or against you. So it pays to be a little more careful. In the case of the perfect pair of jeans, that means avoiding certain mistakes that can be problematic.


How to wear jeans at 40 and what mistakes to avoid

Mistake 1: Not choosing the right color

Color makes a big difference in clothing. When it comes to jeans, dark colors can appear more formal and elegant. They're also timeless classics, especially when they don't have an eye-catching wash.


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A dark denim color (such as navy or black) will also give you a slimmer, more elongated silhouette (making you appear taller) and is appropriate for work, appointments, or events where you need to be a little more formal. They even go great with blazers and shirts .

Mistake 2: Silhouettes or cuts that don't give you shape

It is important that the jeans you wear give a good shape to the body. This is achieved by avoiding models that are too wide or materials that lack structure. The comfort is there even if your jeans are a little stiffer.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that there are different cuts that are more flattering for different body types and heights. You need to make the right choice to make you look and feel good while wearing jeans.

Mistake 3: Too torn

Of course, you can still wear ripped or worn jeans, but there are gradations. It's no good wearing a pair that looks like an old cleaning rag. Showing less skin is more sophisticated and prevents you from being one of those men who give the impression that they don't want to grow up or don't care about their looks. In this case, less is more. (Also interesting: Ripped Jeans: How to Save Your Favorite Jeans—And When It's Time to Replace Them )

Mistake 4: Not going to the tailor

If you don't have mannequin measurements, chances are your jeans won't fit perfectly if you just bought them. Going to the tailor is essential to get the right fit in length and width, fix any issues and even adjust them if the sizing isn't exact or some pieces don't fit that perfectly. Cheap jeans can look more expensive if the tailor helps you tailor them to your exact measurements.


Jeans slim and botas
© Edward Berthelot via Getty ImagesJeans slim and botas

Mistake 5: Wearing a pair that doesn't fit

Don't wear tight pants because you don't want to put up with the fact that you're actually one size larger. You should look for clothes that fit you exactly (from waist, legs, hips and more...). Remember that every detail counts and can do a lot for your look, even the position of the pockets. By the time you're 40, you're well past the age when it's okay not to worry about how your clothes fit. (Also read: Quality denim: These 5 signs indicate good denim )

Mistake 6: Looking for quantity over quality

Surely it's a good idea to have more than one pair of jeans (so you don't wear the same one every day and it gets a lot of wear and tear). But it's also not about having a closet full of different options. It is much more important to pay attention to good denim, a great fit and perfect colors, with which you can create many outfits without spending too much money and without investing in clothes that will not last long. You don't have to overpay, but it's better to spend a little more for something worthwhile.