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Beach towels

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THEBeach towelsFortela represent an essential accessory for those who want to combine aesthetics and functionality in their summer days. The combination of traditional lines and vintage inspiration makes them perfect for enhancing the personality of the wearer.

Designed to last and adapt to every occasion, these beach towels are designed to offer unparalleled comfort and quick drying.

The attention to materials that characterizes the brand also finds concrete expression in these products: the beach towels are made of soft and light materialcotton gauze, which makes them ideal for the beach or swimming pool: this material, thanks to its fine texture, guarantees quick drying and a soft touch on the skin, making these towels extremely practical. The high quality materials used and careful treatments give the covers exceptional durability, ensuring that they maintain their beauty and functionality over time.

Thedecorative fringes, positioned at the ends of the beach towel, add a touch of elegance and movement: this refined detail helps to create a distinctive and sophisticated accessory, which adapts perfectly to any personal style. The variety of colors available, from neutral to more lively shades, allows you to choose the towel that best matches your taste.

ThelogoFortela, finely embroidered on each cloth, embellishes the design, guarantees the authenticity of the product and testifies to Fortela's attention to detail and commitment to creating unique and valuable products. Alessandro Squarzi, founder of the brand, draws on his vast experience, study and multiple inspiration that distinguishes him to create accessories that not only satisfy practical needs, but also enhance the elegance of those who use them.

Perfect for those seeking a balance between practicality and style, Fortela beach towels are a must-have for summer adventures. Each towel is designed to ensure a luxurious experience, whether relaxing on the beach or taking breaks by the pool. The care in production and the choice of materials make these sheets an ideal companion for every moment of the day.