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Article: Dress like an Italian: Alessandro Squarzi’s guide to summer style


Dress like an Italian: Alessandro Squarzi’s guide to summer style

It’s not fair really, is it? You spend a lifetime trying to establish a style for yourself, trying to corner the ‘cool’ market — and then someone like Alessandro Squarzi just breezes in. The Milan-based fashion entrepreneur epitomises the Italian idea of ‘sprezzatura’ — the studied, insouciant art of careless sophistication — and is one of the most prominent collectors of vintage clothes, cars, watches and motorcycles in Italy.

A good man, then, to offer up an Italian’s guide to dressing for summer. With sunny days on our dreary horizon, we’re excited to get out of the house, dress to the nines and begin socialising once more. And how better to make a style statement than by following the advice of one of the most street-shot fashion enthusiasts in Europe?

Explore the wonderful versatility of the t-shirt

We’ve been looking at the t-shirt all wrong — according to Squarzi, at least. The Italian doesn’t see the simple, humble tee as an underlayer, or a garment grabbed last minute when you’re in a hurry. He sees it as an opportunity to explore and express yourself with its many forms, patterns and colours.

“My first suggestion for the summer is to rediscover the beauty of the polo shirt,” Squarzi tells us. “Discreetly elegant garments, polo shirts will add a refined touch to your outfit. In this case, it is also interesting to play with colours and patterns: a beautiful monochrome or striped polo shirt is perfect for summer. Also in this season, I’ll always appreciate the simplicity of a white T-shirt. But, importantly, it must be excellent quality cotton.”