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Are the items sold authentic?

Customers are required to check the goods on delivery to ensure that they correspond to items ordered and that they do not have any production or other defects. The sale of “FORTELA” products is also subject to the legal guarantees established by Italian law, in particular those provided and governed by Articles 129, 130 and 132 of the Italian Consumer Code, in addition to any further manufacturer’s warranty provided to the Customer.

In the event of production or conformity defects, the Customer is entitled to have the product restored to its original state by repair or replacement, except where the remedy requested is objectively impossible or unduly burdensome compared to another remedy. In the event of the occurrence of one of the cases provided for at article 130, paragraph 7, of the Italian Consumer Code, the Customer may request a reasonable reduction in the price or cancellation of the contract. It is understood that the Consumer shall forfeit these rights if he or she fails to notify RAAL srl of the non-conformity of the product within 2 (two) months of the date on which the Customer discovered the defect. Actions intended to assert defects not maliciously concealed by the RAAL srl shall automatically lapse 26 (twenty six) months after the consignment of the product. In the event of cancellation of an Order, no charge shall be made to the Customer. If any amounts has already been charged, the Customer shall be promptly refunded.

Any request by the Customer for one of the remedies indicated above must be communicated to RAAL srl by registered mail with return receipt and sent to the following address:RAAL srl., Viale Manzoni 10/A 47122 Forlì, Italy and sent in advance by email to the following address: fortelashop@fortela.it.

The Customers’ right to avail themselves of the guarantee as provided by the Italian Consumer Code to remedy any lack of conformity of purchased products may be exercised as described above only in relation to defects in products purchased through the Website.


How can I know the availability in store of an item?

Customers should directly call the relevant boutique and ask the shop assistants about the availability of the item they are interested in. Customers may find all the relevant contacts here.


How can a parcel be tracked and what are the delivery times?

FORTELA ships worldwide via DHL.
Once the parcel is handed to DHL, customers receive an e-mail with the tracking number (AWB) relating to the order and the estimated delivery time is within 72 hours.
To monitor the status of an order, please visit the official DHL website and insert the tracking number sent via e-mail in the “Track Your Shipment” area.


How can an order be cancelled?

Depending on the status of the order, it may be possible to cancel an item or the entire order.
The cancellation request has to be submitted to fortelashop@fortela.it


How can an item/order be returned?

Customers can return their orders, entirely or partially, within 14 days from the delivery date. Items can be returned both for a size exchange or for a refund.
Customers should send an e-mail to fortelashop@fortela.it requesting a Return Authorization Number (RAN).
The request must include the following information:

– Order number

– Item code

– Reason for return

Our Customer Service will then provide the necessary documents to proceed with the return.