Fortela presents a menswear collection featuring jackets, vests and pants, authentic flavor and a soft, broken-in feeling. All garments are exclusively tailored in Italy with the collaboration of expert Japanese craftsmen.

The result is an array of totally unique fabrics and tailoring that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Fortela brings together tailoring at its finest, ultra-Italianstyle, hand-crafted tradition and top-quality fabrics – some of which are especially created on antique Japanese looms, others from genuine army surplus and non-military stock.

Our permanent collection includes regular-fit shirts with Texas look, cotton boxy sweatshirts, military inspired outerwear and iconic vests.

Every Fortela vest is a unique creation, a small work of art, individually tailored. They’re assembled with materials you’ll find nowhere else, such as hemp and linen fabrics from French army surplus sources, hand-painted in Japan, combined with material from vintage Oxford shirts.
Vest backs are tailored from vintage necktie fabrics, mattress cloth or military recovered fabrics.

Fortela pants are made from new, exclusively hand-crafted denim and cotton fabrics woven on antique looms in Japan. They are cut and sewn by expert Italian tailors on original Union Special sewing machines – as may

be seen in the chain-stitch hems.

Fortela is distributed from Italy all over the world.